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Margaret Morris Movement exercises

Every 3 exercises form a routine

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When we went into lockdown in the spring of 2020, I was self-isolating in my home in Belgium. I decided to dance every day and make videos of it. I focused on one exercise every day, based on the Margaret Morris Movement curriculum on Basic, White, and Yellow levels; mostly featuring exercises from Basic.

The exercises focus on breathing, stretching, strengthening, improving balance and co-ordination. I always first provide an explanation of the exercise, then a few repetitions without music, and then a few more repetitions with fun music that matches the mood of the exercise. Every three exercises make up one themed routine, e.g. energizing, relax and stretch, movement meditation. There is a total of 40 videos with 10 different routines.

The videos are freely accessible on the Vimeo platform, because it is not as commercialised as YouTube. With a basic (free) Vimeo account, you can enjoy the "DANCE AT HOME" showcase without advertisements. The music I have used in the showcase is also freely available online on Soundcloud under this link.

So, what started as my own little project for self care, can be anyone's dance at home inspiration and practice. I hope you enjoy it!