I always craved dance and movement, but I never truly listened to the underlying need.

From all the group classes offered in a gym, I’d always pick the dance ones. There would be moments in those classes where I found an outlet for my expression. But most often, this involved playing a role: one of a sexy dancer, or a sassy character. It was fun but somehow not satisfying. I often dropped out of such classes not knowing where to go next.

At a summer school, I discovered creative dance class was my favorite time of the day. I used my body to play, to express myself, to “speak” my mind. Even though I was tired in mind and body, this class gave me that deep sense of satisfaction and fun. It was the most energizing experience.

Freedom and discovery

These were the underlying needs driving me to seek dance classes.

Your deep desires, needs, frustrations can be expressed through dance improvisation. I had finally found the outlet for my authentic expression rather than playing a role.

I suddenly felt fulfilled, and I no longer suffered from tension and stress-related pain.

This lesson took years to learn, mainly because I was resisting it; and the resistance was rooted in fear of change and getting uncomfortable.

Deep down, I had recognised that I needed to change my profession, but I had a nice life. I was comfortable. And I had worked hard and achieved so much to get where I was. I was objectively successful as an academic, but my body and mind were suffering.

Creative self-expression slowly helped me realize the seriousness of what needed to change and the courage to make the change for myself.

Grounded self confidence


Satisfying your inner need for play and exploration facilitates authentic expression.

This is especially healing if you were not allowed to dance or express yourself freely as a child - or you were taught to do so in a specific way.

In my classes, freedom of the body and mind is the goal.

As a result, you'll leave with the energy and self-trust you need to lead the life you truly want without neglecting your needs or depleting yourself.

The greatest present you can give to yourself, and future generations, is to show up in the world in your authentic expression.

This is the only job that changes the world slowly but surely.

No quick fixes, no easy way out. No more resisting.

The one and only way is through.

And I’ll be there along the way.