Creative dance 1-on-1

Katerina Breathing in
Katerina Breathing out
Katerina holding breath with diaphragm

Approaching your own body with curiosity about what it can do, will open a space for yourself physically, mentally, and psychologically. You will start appreciating your body, connecting to it, and listening to the messages it carries.

If you’ve been suffering from physical pain or discomfort, unrestricted and unashamed movement will help you to locate the source and move through the solution.


If you feel unsatisfied in your life, but you can’t understand why, the answer will be in the body.

Creative dance will help you discover what is not aligned, what is missing, what your heart and soul are craving. This may be self-expression, time for your own wishes, space for your own dreams.


Mindful and playful movement in a comfortable and respectful space will enable the healing you need.


One-on-one movement class will allow you time and opportunity to…

  • Relieve tension from the body, feel revived and regenerated
  • Explore new ways to move your body and find your own flow
  • Develop the practice of listening to your own needs through the body and feel rather than think about what is going on
  • Ground and reconnect with your energy centre to better understand who you are, what gives you pleasure, and what gives you pain
  • Build your resilience to navigate change and take challenges as lessons rather than defeats to re-emerge as an evolved version of yourself
  • Deepen your creative flow by focusing on practices that feel right for you, or challenge yourself to learn from practices that feel weird at first.

The best part of it all is...

recognising your progress.

Every 4 sessions, we reflect on how you are doing and re-assess our goals for the next 4 sessions. Realizing where you were a few weeks ago and where you are now makes you feel satisfied and proud. Ultimately, you realize that you can facilitate your own change and be the catalyst in claiming the life you want for yourself.

How it works?


The first step is a free 45-minute discovery call meet and discuss your needs and situation.

Then, we meet for 4 sessions of 90 minutes weekly or bi-weekly. These sessions can be online or onsite in a studio in Maastricht, as you prefer.

Clear objectives will be set for our time, such as:

  1. objective 1: relieve tension on shoulder and neck area,
  2. objective 2: facilitate free flow of movement,
  3. objective 3: promote relaxation,
  4. objective 4: release anxiety of “how do I look” when moving and dancing.

At the end of the 4th session, we will go back to each objective and evaluate your progress together and set new goals for the next 4 sessions.


The first 4 sessions are a package for 485 euros and include movement practices as well as journaling after each session. This is an investment and a commitment to a journey of self-discovery, development, and fulfillment.

Payment options and continuation can be discussed to suit your needs and goals.

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Hi, I'm Katerina!

I’ve felt the restless frustration of being unexpressed, even though I was objectively successful.

To find some balance, I tried many forms of movement, including Yoga, Pilates, and ballet.

But they were unfulfilling for me.

They didn’t suit my personality or character. And I was busy trying to get the pose right, rather than being present in the moment and feeling good.

I found creative dance to be a playful and fun way to self-awareness and development. Movement practises based on exploration activated my curiosity and helped me to focus on what my body can do, instead of what it can’t.

Explorative movement connects us to our playful childhood way of learning in an embodied fashion. It is deep, visceral, and real.

When you have trained this “muscle”, you will find that navigating change becomes easier. You are calmer and more connected to your center. You build on resilience for life, as you approach every challenge with a development-attitude.

Challenge then becomes s a possibility for learning, and a constant practice of evolving to the next version of yourself. Life will bring all kinds of challenges to you, and you will grow into a new person with them.

I believe this is the only work that matters.

The work that will impact your relationship with your parents, your friends, your partner(s), your children.

The work that will re-connect you to your authenticity and encourage a life lived according to your own values.



Do I need to have dance experience to join the creative dance practice?

Absolutely not. If you have a body, you like movement, and you are curious to discover new movement horizons, you are perfectly prepared for creative dance.


Do I have to perform in front of other people?

No. We dance all together, or in small groups, and each person (or each group) is moving safely and without judgment from the others. If at some point a person wants to exit the practice to become an observer for 1 minute, they can always do so. Anyone can step out for a little and then rejoin. This observation helps understand the creative process in action.


Are you taking pictures / videos / notes while we dance?

There are no pictures, no videos, and no other material recorded during the creative dance meet-ups. For the 1:1 sessions I might be taking some notes, which are aimed at optimizing the practices for your personal needs.


Is this practice covered under mental health / physiotherapy expenses by my health care provider?

No, as far as I know. You could ask your healthcare provider to be sure. In the Netherlands it might depend on the additional packages you have on your healthcare agreement.


Are the prices above with or without tax?

All amounts stated above are including 21% tax as charged in the Netherlands. Invoices to companies are also possible.