Creative dance meet-up

Dancers on the floor
Creative dance
Dancers with scarf
Duet improvisation

Curiosity and playfulness are muscles we train a lot as kids, but we tend to lose as adults.


The practise of creative dance and movement is a self care practise which leads to self confidence and the strength to live your life with your own values. Participating in this group exploration will open the door to stability and resilience in your mental and physical core. From this stable core, you can face any changes in your life from a centred, empowered perspective.

Taking your place within this group will…

  • Allow you to feel less alone by realising that others face similar challenges and feelings
  • Connect you to like-minded people, who like to explore as a natural way of unwinding and expressing themselves
  • Help you to learn about yourself through discovering your spontaneous and authentic responses to movement prompts
  • Give you enriching experiences with different creative minds and souls, boosting your creativity in all areas of life
  • Support you in breaking taboos like the need “to look perfect” or “get it right” inside and outside the dance class

The best part of it all is...

the sharing round at the end.

In the sharing round, people often notice they’ve had similar experiences, arising from similar challenges and fears in their lives, and they feel an instant relief and connection to their peers.

Phew, I am not alone in this, and ah, people are kind!

How it works?


We meet up once a month, usually the first Saturday, for 90 mins in the late morning (11:00-12:30).


In May to October, the classes are outdoors and the participation per person for one session costs 18.15 euros.

In the rest of the year, the classes are indoors in the studio and the participation per person for one session is 24.20 euros.

It is also possible to book a bundle of 4 sessions for the price of 87.20 euros.

Sign up

The quickest and easiest way to sign up is by messaging me directly on WhatsApp. On hipsy you can also read the details of each class and directly book your ticket.

If you want to keep track of the group class, you can click Going on the Facebook event and add a comment in the Discussion.


After you come to your first group class, and if you wish so, you can be added to the WhatsApp group of Dance, Movement, & Breathing, a community of conscious movers.

Join creative dance meet-up!

Your 45min discovery call is free

Hi, I'm Katerina!

I’ve felt the restless frustration of being unexpressed, even though I was objectively successful.

To find some balance, I tried many forms of movement, including Yoga, Pilates, and ballet.

But they were unfulfilling for me.

They didn’t suit my personality or character. And I was busy trying to get the pose right, rather than being present in the moment and feeling good.

I found creative dance to be a playful and fun way to self-awareness and development. Movement practises based on exploration activated my curiosity and helped me to focus on what my body can do, instead of what it can’t.

Explorative movement connects us to our playful childhood way of learning in an embodied fashion. It is deep, visceral, and real.

When you have trained this “muscle”, you will find that navigating change becomes easier. You are calmer and more connected to your center. You build on resilience for life, as you approach every challenge with a development-attitude.

Challenge then becomes s a possibility for learning, and a constant practice of evolving to the next version of yourself. Life will bring all kinds of challenges to you, and you will grow into a new person with them.

I believe this is the only work that matters.

The work that will impact your relationship with your parents, your friends, your partner(s), your children.

The work that will re-connect you to your authenticity and encourage a life lived according to your own values.



Do I need to have dance experience to join the creative dance practice?

Absolutely not. If you have a body, you like movement, and you are curious to discover new movement horizons, you are perfectly prepared for creative dance.


Do I have to perform in front of other people?

No. We dance all together, or in small groups, and each person (or each group) is moving safely and without judgment from the others. If at some point a person wants to exit the practice to become an observer for 1 minute, they can always do so. Anyone can step out for a little and then rejoin. This observation helps understand the creative process in action.


Are you taking pictures / videos / notes while we dance?

There are no pictures, no videos, and no other material recorded during the creative dance group classes. For the 1:1 sessions I might be taking some notes, which are aimed at optimizing the practices for your personal needs.


Is this practice covered under mental health / physiotherapy expenses by my health care provider?

No, as far as I know. You could ask your healthcare provider to be sure. In the Netherlands it might depend on the additional packages you have on your healthcare agreement.


Are the prices above with or without tax?

All amounts stated above are including 21% tax as charged in the Netherlands. Invoices to companies are also possible.