Mama Dance

A moment to bond with your baby through

the wisdom of the body

You’re going to have a baby. Congratulations!


The excitement is followed by ALL the questions…

  • Can the baby hear me?
  • How active can I be during pregnancy?
  • Is it possible to communicate with my baby?
  • How do I know if it’s gas or the baby moving?!

You are searching for wisdom that will help you to feel more confident and more prepared for the birthing process and beyond.


Trusting only in facts from the internet and experts takes the power, control, and responsibility from you in this natural process.


This disconnection from your own pregnancy and birthing experience can leave you feeling even more nervous and helpless.


Unsure of what’s to come and how you will handle it.


It’s normal to feel fearful or even helpless in this new situation.


And…you already know what it takes.

It’s through connection to your body, your baby, and other mothers that you will access a sense of calm, comfort, and ultimately, trust.


Trust in your ability to grow, birth, and nourish a baby.


Trust in your ability to deal with whatever comes in labour.


And trust in the ability of your body to provide the information you need to make the right decisions for you and your baby.

Build trust in

your body

Mama Dance is different from birth preparation classes, which focus on providing you with information on what happens during birth in a way that can feel disembodied.

In Mama Dance, you will learn how to

connect to and work with the body’s intuition,

communicate and bond with the baby, and

create a community of acceptance and support.


Here, we honour your body’s wisdom and access it through practices we build on with each class.


By the end of the first class… you’ll already be able to connect to your pelvic floor through your breath.


By the end of the third class… you’ll be on your way to create your own birthing bubble with breath, voice, and movements that feel good in that moment.


Access your intuition


You are aiming for a more relaxed and enjoyable pregnancy. For a more fulfilling postpartum. With trust in the female body and connection to your intuition and other mamas, you will feel safe to birth, and supported to nourish, your baby.

You will learn and practice tools to support your body with the birthing process, including breathing exercises, movements, vocal sounds, inspiring music, or even rest.

You will train your body to intuitively make the right choice at the right time so that you feel empowered, embodied, and confident enough to advocate for your needs during pregnancy, labour, and postpartum.

Bond with your baby


You will practice listening to your baby’s movement and signals and send intentions their way for a stronger bond going into the birthing process. As a team during labour, you will be able to work together with any pain or discomfort giving you information to act on.


After the birth, you will also have paved the way to a secure attachment for the baby to develop and face challenges more easily. Any birth trauma is more effectively healed once this bond has been established between mama and baby.


Meditation and relaxation exercises will also help you feel more positive as your body changes and your labour approaches.

When you feel good as a pregnant mama, your baby will get the message that they are safe, wanted, and loved.

Knowing that your emotional state will imprint on the development of your baby during pregnancy, it’s important for you both to spend this time in a calm, connected, nourishing environment.


Don't worry, dance competence doesn't matter here!

Mama dance is accessible to all because it's based on salsa, bachata, merengue. The music itself is pure fun, the moves are just inspiration for you to move, and the joy is all yours.

What matters is how much you enjoy it, how you can let go and just feel good about yourself and your body.

Something magical happens when women share their deepest fears in women’s circles.

The most human parts inside us are moved and validated as we meet in a safe and welcoming space for our vulnerabilities.

This creates a culture of sisterhood, heartfelt acceptance, and community.


Mama dance is the safe place where you can meet all the other moms, who are expecting, and you can have a safe and soft movement class together.

Birgit V.

I got to create a meditative atmosphere for  the arrival of my baby, the movements, the music, the contact with my husband... the arrival of my baby would have been more stressing without all the tips of movements and the breathing that I learned

Lorena R.


Meet-up | Online | 1-on-1

Dance, Movement, & Breathing


Dance, Movement, & Breathing

Find your tribe for support in pregnancy and motherhood

Dance, Movement, & Breathing


Dance, Movement, & Breathing

Connect with other expecting moms in

the group

Dance, Movement, & Breathing


Dance, Movement, & Breathing

Bond with baby in one-on-one movement magic

And what does it look like?

I'm glad you asked. I have prepared a free introductory video for you to get an idea what we do in class, group or 1-on-1 sessions.