Dancing is for me a way of letting go, a way of coming back to my own truth and expressing it through the body.

I have created DMB in order to bring this philosophy of

non-competitive, authentic, creative, and relaxing movement into the dance world. I combine dance exercises from Margaret Morris Movement with neurobiological relaxation techniques and creative impulses for you to express yourself.

This unique combination is aimed at

every body, no matter your age or physical condition.

Learn to move safely through space and open up your body and mind to release both physical and mental tension.



Dance is at the centre of DMB. We use dance exercises from Margaret Morris Movement, fun and natural to perform. They respect the body, they feel good, and are performed to music, like a little choreography. These become our building blocks for a full choreography.


We use movement of each part of the body separately, movement in space, movement with a prop, movement in groups, neurobiologically relaxing movement etc. These are playful ways to explore your range of movement and expand it, while enjoying and challenging yourself.


Breathing is the basis of all movement. It intensifies the movement and makes it look beautiful. It also makes you feel good and helps you relax, which allows your expression to shine through. The ultimate goal is to express yourself through movement based on your own breathing rhythm.